Thank You, Archer & Greiner
December 02 2015
Special Thanks to Archer & Greiner Attorneys at Law who helped raise awareness by having a “Dress Down Day for Autism” that raised $605 for the cause.

Autism Festival September 2015
September 21 2015

On Saturday, the 12th of September, Calzaretto Chiropractic in Cherry Hill hosted their Annual Charity Festival in honor of Puzzle Pieces Squared!!!! It was an overcast day and we feared rain, but as luck would have it the weather held out until the very end. The whole family attended as well as some very special friends who came out to help with setup and the table during the fundraiser.
The businesses who came out to fundraise were numerous and generous. They ranged from jewelry and perfume to kids toys and medical facilities. Everyone was enthusiastic and enjoyed themselves. When my children weren’t bouncing in the gigantic bounce houses, they were checking out the animals at the petting zoo area and playing some cute games for prizes. Oh and gulping up some donated water ice, of course. They were exhausted and ready for bed by 6pm that night.
Overall, everyone helped to raise $1,585.00 toward our local autism charity. This outpouring of love and generosity is just amazing! Thank you again to the Calzaretto Family as well as each and every business and person who participated in our first sponsored event. Hope to see you at the next one!

Moving on Up!
June 18 2015
Monday was a very special day for our family. With this special day and our special family, of course, came its special challenges.  I am referring not about my childrens’ special needs, for once!
My boys have been going to different schools within the same school district (to meet their needs).  The last few years have been wonderful and their progress AMAZING!  They received necessary services within school and the teachers and aides have been a blessing.
This past Monday we felt as though we had to split ourselves in two because each school was having a Move-Up Celebration for its 5th Graders.  Since the twins are both 5th Graders in different schools this posed a huge challenge.  Each boy was involved in something they wanted us to see.  The programs started within a half hour of each other.  Luckily the schools are within 3 miles of each other and between Jared and his mom, they figured out a great plan.
It turned out to be a hot and humid day with a lot of hustle and bustle on our parts, but we ended up seeing a good chunk of both programs, both boys elated that they could see us in the crowded APRs (all purpose rooms).
We, along with Grandparents and Great Grand Mom all are so proud of the progress they have made.  We celebrated at their favorite restaurant.  Friendly’s of course!

Jacob the Pet Whisperer
June 15 2015
Jacob has a way with animals. Our recent adoption from AWA was a Boxer named Maggie, an emotional support dog for an elderly woman who was housebound. We thought we were bringing Maggie to The twins for support during the tough times.  What ended up emerging was a sort of “pet whisperer” named Jacob. 
He just adores animals. He feeds the two dogs and cat. He pets them. He can cuddle with our cat Jinx like no other family member can. They all come to him for love. It’s the sweetest thing to see.

June 11 2015
Diggerland USA is a construction themed adventure park where children and their families drive, ride, and operate heavy machinery in a safe family-friendly environment.
On Sunday, our friends and their son traveled over an hour to come visit us. After numerous emails about preparations for the day, we bought our tickets online and met our friends in the parking lot. The kids were so excited and with a range of ages we knew all the boys were going to have a blast (even the adult ones). 
We spent three hours digging, sliding, riding and driving. When everyone was sweaty and very hungry (as Jacob perseverated) we all went to lunch. 
A huge shout out to the staff at Diggerland, particularly the ride operator of the ATV’s who allowed my husband to jump the fence and hop on quick to prevent a meltdown.

Brendan’s Middle School Adventure
June 11 2015
My 11-yr old was invited to his team MS orientation. His anxiety prevented him from going the last time.  We got there just as it was starting and he refused to join the circle of kids instead joining the adults behind them.
We listened as they introduced the teachers and then each of the kids needed to share their name and something they waste a lot of their time doing.  Brendan went first. I was amazed as the words squeaked out, “I’m Brendan and I like to draw.”   
Whew. He did it. He threw the ball to someone new. Both of us knowing absolutely no one else in the room. 
As each of the children did the same I realized Brendan really, truly fit in. For once and on purpose. 
As I looked around at the parents I realized they were making the same connection. Kids whose favorite pastimes included video games, science, computer programming, art, gaming, Legos and biology were gathered in one room and would be sharing the next three years with each other. They would also be given a great opportunity to flourish in an environment that (finally) has been accommodated around them.