P2 Families

Over the years P2 has been able to provide these tools and resources to support the families

P2 Family Grants That Have Been Awarded
Years - 2015 - 2024

  1. Playground Equipment
  2. Horse therapy
  3. Music therapy
  4. Gymanastics
  5. Fencing
  6. Sensory Rooms for the home
  7. Sensory equipment for schools
  8. ABA Therapy
  9. Life skill classes
  10. Respite care
  11. Summer camps
  12. Trampolines
  1. iPads and computers
  2. Refrigerators and Ovens
  3. Treadmills
  4. Advocate Lawyer Fees
  5. Clothes
  6. Aquarium and Musuem memberships
  7. Sensory Toys
  8. Swimming lessons
  9. One on one aids
  10. Bikes
  11. Tree Houses
  12. Yearly transportation for School Life Skills trips

AND So much MORE......

Thank you all for your help and support.

The Broxton Family

The Broxton Family

We are so thankful for the P2 foundation for providing a swing set for our little guy! We are amazed by your kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity!

The Flynn Family
The Flynn Family

The Flynn Family

I am so thankful for P2 providing music therapy for my daughter Lia! This means the world to us! Thank you!

Stewart's Family

Emily Stewart

Thank you so much to Jared & Trish from P2 Foundation for helping my son. It will help my sons quality of life and open new doors for him.

Ransom's Family

Sammantha Jenkins & Kyrie Ransom

Jared and Trish, words cannot express our gratitude for the incredible support and generosity from your P2 Autism Advocacy and Support Foundation. Thanks to you, our daughters have everything they need. We are forever thankful.

Dalbey's Family

The Dalbey Family

I am beyond words thankful to P2 for providing my son with a communication device and I am beyond excited to see what this new chapter holds for us. I can’t thank you enough to Jared and the entire organization!

Good's Family

The Good Family

Thank you for all you do for the community.

Ottenberg's Family

The Ottenberg Family

Thank you P2 Foundation for providing support to my family, this means so much ❤️

Hayes's Family

The Hayes

Thank you so much for your kindness! You make the world a better place.

Levin's Family

The Levin Family

Thank you for your generosity!!

Castro's Family

The Castro’s

Thank you so very much to Jared and the P2 organization for their incredible generosity and support. We are forever grateful for their help and to be a part of the P2 family!


The Teall Family

Would like to thank P2 and Jared Silverstien for creating one of my best moments for our family!


The Oxley Family

Thank you P2 family for providing social activities for my son. It means so much to us.


The Dodds Family

Thank you P2 for providing respite care for Aleck and our family. We are so grateful for safe and supportive care, and we couldn’t have done it without you!


Deanna Young and Family

Thank you P2 Foundation for providing Zion with a stroller wagon, sensory toys and equipment! We are so thankful and couldn’t have done it without your help!

Chanel Villanueva

Chanel Villanueva

Thank you so much for supporting us in building a program for students on the spectrum so that our students and families can be successful.

Danielle Lannacco and Andrea Vu, Mastery Charter School Harrity Upper

Danielle Lannacco and Andrea Vu, Mastery Charter School Harrity Upper

We are forever grateful to Jared & Trish and everyone at P2 Autism Advocacy and Support for their generosity and kindness.

The Dougherty Family

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts
The Dougherty Family

Our family will always be thankful for your your kindness& generosity. Thank you for going the extra mile As well as Being so fast moving and getting the job done.

Thank you, Cara

Thanks, Adrienne & Family

Thank you, Cara

Thanks, The Dougherty Family

Thank you, The Smith Family

Thank you, McShea Family

Thank you, The Carey Family

Thank you, The Leupoid Family

Our most sincere gratitude,
Zahira Delgado & Family

Thank you, Lisa & Kevin Jones

With appreciation,
Debra Fox and Family

Thanks, Damaris Brane and Family

Thank you, Jessica Miller
Maude Wilkins Elementary School

Thank you, Michelle English

Thank you, Sabrina & Rich Little

Thank you, The Dolans

Thanks, The Miranda family

Kristen L. Deppenschmidt (Ms. Depp)
Kensington High School
Lead Autistic Support Teacher

Thanks, The Tarriff’s

Thank you, Andrea, Roger, Charlie, and Matthew

Thanks, the Price Family

Thank you!!!!
Jasen, Christy, Gianna, Aiden and Jackson Mitchell

The Graham Family
Shawn, Jenny, Jude and Zoey

Thank you, Bill and Ada Gong

Thank you, Katie Kostin

The Malloy Family

The Trabbold Family
Chris, Jaime and Ronnie

Thank you for your time,
My best,
One empowered parent,
Melissa Mullin

Nicki, Jack & of course if Bekah could Thank You she would too!

Forever in our hearts,
love Jacob and Kim Mason

To the Sun and Back we Love you!

Alyssa Garrison

With much joy,

The Kobb Family
Meggie, Alan, Ian & Jillian

Respectfully Yours,
Angela Kirwin

Thank you, Sarah Moore & family

Woodbury City Public Schools

Thank you, Woodbury City Public Schools
A Leader in Personalizing Education