Puzzle Pieces Squared

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Gala $15,301

Our objective is to be able to grant up to $7500 to four local families a year to help aid them in supporting their children on the Autistic Spectrum.

Our Story

We were college sweethearts and dreamt of starting a family. We didn't plan for this...


Puzzle Pieces Squared has some great sponsors / supporters who deserve a great round of applause! They help make it all possible and they have our sincere and heart-felt thanks. Please support them in turn and stop by to say “hi” to them during our fundraising events.

Puzzle Pieces Squared

Autism Support and Advocacy

Our mission is to make a difference in the lives of Delaware Valley families who are affected by Autism. In 2016 we achieved our goal of helping 4 families.

Gladly accepting donations to help additional families

Charitable Organization

Why? Because they were born with autism. Just like thousands of other families, we went through a range of emotions and struggled to find the information and support we needed to give our boys the tools they needed to cope with a world that can so often be totally overwhelming. Puzzle Pieces Squared was formed to provide information and assistance to families primarily in the south New Jersey, Philadelphia, Southeastern Pennsylvania and Delaware area. Our focus is simple: provide help to one family at a time.

In 2004, we were blessed with two beautiful boys. More than ten years later, we would not have guessed the time, energy, support, love, money, tears, pain and frustration our wonderful, different little boys would give and take of our family.

Why Puzzle Pieces Squared?

The capital P is because it stands out and we want to stand out and make a difference. Obviously The puzzle pieces accurately represents the diversity of the individuals affected by Autism, and the squared represents our twins and it all works with our mission statement of helping to find the missing piece to give hope back to families.

Ways Puzzle Pieces Squared Can Help Your Family:

  • Therapy payment
  • Respite Care
  • Afterschool Activities
  • Summer Camps
  • Life Skill Classes
  • Just to name a few…

So spread the word and help make a difference.

Local Autism Support & Advocacy


Jared’s desire to help families that include autistic children, and that are in need of assistance, comes from personal experience. His family includes three young boys, two however are at various stages on the spectrum. Yet in spite of the challenges he and his family face every day, Jared founded Puzzle Pieces Squared not as a means of finding support for his endeavors, but as a vehicle for giving support to others. That’s Jared: he’s a doer, a giver and a motivator, and he’s as honest and genuine as they come. I cannot imagine of a better leader for such a needed and worthwhile cause as Puzzle Pieces Squared. - Anthony Sergi

Puzzle Pieces Squared is a wonderful charity designed to help local families who are dealing with autism. The Silversteins are very special people. They know first hand the daily struggles and what parents with autistic children go through because they are raising twin sons who were both diagnosed with autism. They also know how costly this can be and they want this charity to be able to help those families. They would like to provide the funding for all the therapies these children may need that insurance might not cover. I think this shows that the Silversteins have a strong compassion and dedication to this cause and that this is an amazing charity to support. - Lisa Calzaretto