Puzzle Pieces Squared

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Our objective is to be able to help and provide grants to a minimum of four local families a year to help aid them in supporting their children on the Autistic Spectrum.

Our Story

We were college sweethearts and dreamt of starting a family. We didn't plan for this...


Puzzle Pieces Squared has some great sponsors / supporters who deserve a great round of applause! They help make it all possible and they have our sincere and heart-felt thanks. Please support them in turn and stop by to say “hi” to them during our fundraising events.

Puzzle Pieces Squared

Autism Support and Advocacy

Our mission is to make a difference in the lives of Delaware Valley families who are affected by Autism. In 2016 we achieved our goal of helping 4 families.

Gladly accepting donations to help additional families

Charitable Organization

Why? Because they were born with autism. Just like thousands of other families, we went through a range of emotions and struggled to find the information and support we needed to give our boys the tools they needed to cope with a world that can so often be totally overwhelming. Puzzle Pieces Squared was formed to provide information and assistance to families primarily in the south New Jersey, Philadelphia, Southeastern Pennsylvania and Delaware area. Our focus is simple: provide help to one family at a time.

In 2004, we were blessed with two beautiful boys. More than ten years later, we would not have guessed the time, energy, support, love, money, tears, pain and frustration our wonderful, different little boys would give and take of our family.

Why Puzzle Pieces Squared?

The capital P is because it stands out and we want to stand out and make a difference. Obviously The puzzle pieces accurately represents the diversity of the individuals affected by Autism, and the squared represents our twins and it all works with our mission statement of helping to find the missing piece to give hope back to families.

Ways Puzzle Pieces Squared Can Help Your Family:

  • Therapy payment
  • Respite Care
  • Afterschool Activities
  • Summer Camps
  • Life Skill Classes
  • Just to name a few…

So spread the word and help make a difference.

Local Autism Support & Advocacy


Have been working with their leadership for many years. Continuously impressed with their commitment to supporting children with autism as well as the unsung heroes: their families and their communities. Having also personally met many of the families who received help from Puzzle Pieces Squared, the gratification has been far beyond words. - Brad Klein

The Silversteins are a remarkable family who have made their organization their life’s work. Jared and Trish deserve all the support as they will passionately pay it forward to help other families with similar circumstances to have better lives. Their genuine and authentic service is a gift for so many! and also an amazing example to their own children and future generations of how to love, support, and help one another grow despite challenge, adversity and differences. - Eva Siddall

Jared and Trish are 110% committed to helping families in our area have an easier life with autism. At their annual events, I have heard heartfelt stories from parents whose child’s life has been greatly improved by the help from Puzzle Pieces Squared. Their thanks are often shared with tears of gratitude and genuine awe at how Trish & Jared have paved the way for others to receive support, supplies, and assistance without ever asking for anything in return. Selfless, driven, helpful, honest, and above all, an inspiration to any parent and family with autism in their lives. - Donna Sadwin

You’d be hard pressed to find a charitable foundation that gives as much personalized, committed assistance to its beneficiaries as Puzzle Pieces Squared. The organization was born out of founder Jared Silverstein’s personal life experience, and the empathy, understanding and practical help he offers autistic individuals and their families is a reflection of his journey. Puzzle Pieces Squared’s goal of addressing specific needs unique to each family it helps is unmatched and truly commendable. If you’re looking for worthy charitable organization to support, please consider P2. - Anthony Sergi